WGM,IM Nazi Paikidze simul and lecture.

We had the pleasure to host WGM and IM Nazi Paikidze last Saturday at the Las Vegas Chess Center. She gave a simul against 16 players and a lecture afterward, she went over one of her recent games against Clarissa Yip, in the simul she was just amazing, defeating fifteen and only giving a draw to Jonathan Zavala.
Nazi wants to help with promoting chess in our city and is commited to work closely with us in the future, her help is definitely the boost we were needing, and we appreciatte it a lot, thank you.
We would like to thanks also all the participants in the Simul! A big thank to Peter Wolford from Kula Farm Flowers who sent Nazi some really beautiful flowers from Hawaii. To know more about Nazi, please visit her website nazipaikidze.com

The only draw with Zavala and the game she presented and discussed at the club are both below, enjoy!