The Usual Suspects Blitz Tourney

A lot of strong players showed up for the Usual Suspects Blitz Tourney, but Nathaniel Lynch steamrolled the field to take clear first and the main prize $45, NM Mike Zaloznyy was second and $25 richer, Earl, Josh and Mat shared third and $15, Martin Burch took first in the Under Section and got his entry fee back $10. Thank you everyone for the support!!

The Usual Suspects


No. Name Rate St Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 lynch, Nathaniel 2105 FL 10.0 W9,2.0 W6,2.0 W5,2.0 W2,2.0 W4,2.0
2 Zaloznyy, Mike Y 2264 NV 7.0 -B-,1.0 W9,2.0 W3,2.0 L1,0.0 W8,2.0
3 Waller, Matt 2151 WI 6.0 W11,2.0 D4,1.0 L2,0.0 W8,2.0 D5,1.0
4 Salazar, Earl P 2089 NV 6.0 W12,2.0 D3,1.0 W6,2.0 D5,1.0 L1,0.0
5 Zwagil, Josh 2088 NV 6.0 W10,2.0 W7,2.0 L1,0.0 D4,1.0 D3,1.0
6 Barbre, Stephen Ph 2179 NV 5.5 W8,2.0 L1,0.0 L4,0.0 W7,1.5 W10,2.0
7 Jauregui, Juan Pab 2023 NV 4.5 -B-,1.0 L5,0.0 W11,2.0 L6,0.5 D12,1.0
8 Burch, Martin J 1711 NV 4.0 L6,0.0 W12,2.0 W10,2.0 L3,0.0 L2,0.0
9 Jaeger, Aden 1055 NV 3.5 L1,0.0 L2,0.0 W12,2.0 L10,0.5 D11,1.0
10 Silva, David NV 3.5 L5,0.0 W11,2.0 L8,0.0 W9,1.5 L6,0.0
11 Mc Coy, Dennis 1614 NV 2.0 L3,0.0 L10,0.0 L7,0.0 D12,1.0 D9,1.0
12 Tumanan, Jay Cedri 1051 NV 2.0 L4,0.0 L8,0.0 L9,0.0 D11,1.0 D7,1.0