Summer Bash 2017 (Round 1)

The first round of the Summer Bash was played on Friday, at the newly expanded Las Vegas Chess Center, with over thirty players competing. The action lasted nearly 5 hours and the additional space in the club allowed for spectators to enjoy the games more comfortably. Over the boards a lot of exciting chess was played, with some big upsets.

In the Open Section, Dennis Hill took down Glenn Bidari in beautiful fashion, exploiting the master’s lack of piece development. Also, Peter Bodziony defeated expert Bill Richards, who is a first time player at the chess center. Samira Prieto gave Chris Karris a run for his money, impressing the strong player deeply. Ryan Ray also rejoined the fight after a long absence,  losing to the 68th best player at the club, Anthony McCarthy – time to shake off the rust, Ryan.

In the Under Section, Zachary Roney  beat the 2nd placed Spring Classic player Mihail Minchev, and Emmanuel Mendez joined the USCF and played his first rated game ever – Congratulations!

We also would like to thank David Blank for coming out of  “chess retierment”, and Will Johnson from Alaska for stopping by the club.

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