Henderson Panera Scholastic 1

Our inaugural Scholastic tournament in Henderson was a complete success, twenty little warriors showed up to battle over the board, at the end Alexander Chang topped the field taking a clear first with 4/4, second place was for Nirav Nathan with 3.5, the third place was a contested one with a few players tied, but the tie breaks smiled upon Darren Khachatryan, that took home the trophy. In the Under 500 section Ryann Crothers playing his first tournament ever, won the first-place trophy. Congratulations to all. Everyone took home something either a medal or other chess souvenirs. A lot fun and great environment.

A big thank you to the manager of the Panera Bread District Gabe Martinez, and his staff for the tremendous effort accommodating everyone. Also, we would like to extend our appreciation to the parents for their support. No doubts that this tournament together with the one in the West side, will propel Scholastic Chess in our city to new heights, and will help to form tomorrow`s master.