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Quote of the Week:
I cannot think that a player genuinely loving the game can get pleasure just from the number of points scored no matter how impressive the total. I will not speak of myself, but for the masters of the older generation, from whose games we learned, the aesthetic side was the most important.  -  Alexander Kotov

Chess Camps will start on June 6th to August 19th, Monday to Friday with the exception of June 22-26 due to the International chess festival in Las Vegas.

We would like to welcome Women US champion 2016 Nazi Paikhidze to our city. She visited out club and played a lot of blitz games with our players. We wish her and the US team the best in the upcoming Chess Olympiad in Baku. WGM and IM Nazi has great plans for chess in our city, we are looking forward on working with her.

August has been a busy month for the LVCC, many tournaments played with an increasing on scholastic participation. Stephen Barbre has dominated the competition in the Open sections, winning the last five tournaments, a huge feat to accomplish. We would like to congratulate him on his achievements over the board, Steve is a great friend and supporter of our chess center. 

Zachary Roney won the LVCC Summer Scholastic where fifteen other kids played, his rating has soared to over 1000 and he is making plans on playing Friday nights with the big guns of the club. Chess camps were a great success with a lot of kids learning the basics of the game while other deepened their knowledge, during the camps we offered lectures, simuls, tournaments, bughouse , lucky chess, puzzle competition and much more, we had a lot of fun for sure!

The chess league is doing well despite some little problems, we expect our Winter edition be better.We are learning a lot in his one, and we are going to improve eradicating mistakes made on this first season. 

Regarding our chess center, we are committed to improve and promote chess in our community, and we are going to make some changes ,add some new activities to the schedule, we appreciate the support and feedback. 

CLICK HERE crosstables.   

Express report for the weekend of July 15-17. ! For pics and cross tables click here.

Las Vegas Chess league is entering on it is fourth week, there are still some games pending from weeks two and three that we are working to bring it up to date. Rise to vote sir commanded by NM Mike Zaloznyy is leading with two matches won and 4.5 board points, keep in mind that every week one team takes a bye. We are planning to have another season on the winter, if you want to participate or form a team, let us know click here

Stephen Barbre is on the roll, he won his  Friday tournament #5 in a row! Second place was for Expert Virgil Reyes, in the Under 1900 section Kris Judkins came in first followed by Elmo Gacis, our next tournament will start this coming Friday at 6:30, we will have two sections, game on 90 plus 30 seconds increment, four rounds and all the games are US chess rated, the entry fee is $20 with plaques for the winners.

Every Thursday we are hosting our quick tournament with the g/15 +5, five rounds ,US chess rated with prizes to the winners,FIDE Master Alberto Hernandez has won the last two editions.

Scholastic Saturday tournaments are getting better and better, in the last one we had 18 players, very exciting games, we offer trophies, medals, other prizes and pizza. The games are also US chess rated, four rounds, time for the first round is 11 am.

Casual play is also possible in between rounds.

June was a very busy month for our chess community from the Las Vegas international chess festival to a crowded schedule on our local scene, we can say without exaggerate that thousands of games had been played this month in our city, something very good for our game. Thank you for your support. For a complete coverage of chess for the month of June click here.